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wax model

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finished bronze sculpture
Commission Work
What is a sculpture commission?
A commission is an agreement made between a collector and an artist to create a designated sculpture. The artist is usually picked for their artistic ability and interpretation. Collectors may also consider the artist reputation and the potential for an increase in the value of their piece as the artist reputation grows.
Choice of Materials
What type of material can be chosen?
The materials can be vary from stone, wood, plaster, bronze, silver, gold and gems.

Wood: Mahogany, Teak, Jackfruit
Stone: Limestone, Sandstone, Onyx, Marble
Gems: Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Ruby, Jade, Sapphire, Pearl
Project Time Frame
How long before the commision work will be completed?
It takes approximately 1-6 months. The commissioner can work closely with the artist by submitting photos, clear ideas, size and etc. Or you can leave it to the artists' imagination.

Will I have an idea how my piece will look?

Of course!
You can be informed as often as you like through photos and emails. The creation is a partnership between Filippos and you.
Shipping, Packaging, Insurance
Is there insurance when the commission work is shipped?
When the piece is ready to shipped, the artist will oversee the packing process personally using a reliable cargo shipping company with world wide service. The insurance is organized by the shipping company.

The packing, shipping and insurance fee will be added to the commission work fee.
Payment Method, How to make payment, Payment Schedule
Do I have to pay all the costs up front?
No, all Commissions are on an easy payment plan, the costs are spread over the time taken to create the commission

33% Deposit
33% Half way through the Commission Work
34% from the commission fee plus addtional packing, shipping and insurance fee
Installation Expenses
How much will it cost if I need you to setup the commission work?
All costs are paid by the buyer.
Installation of the commission work, if needed, would include tickets and accommodation for the artist.

Payment can be arranged directly with the artist by email.
How to contact Filippos?
You can contact Filippos by sending email to contact@sculpturebyfilippos.com or marketing@sculpturebyfilippos.com

For your convenience you can always go to the contact section and send your message directly from this contact form.
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